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1. Download (click the links Android | Apple iTunes)

2. Complete Form to get your trial login approved.

NOTE: While the App is under development we are dependent on Apple and Playstore to approve our updates, we have some sitting with them now.

What you can do is provide feedback on improving the Property Investing App - [click here to leave your Feedback

How we can improve this and provide you with a tool in your hand that addresses your Property Investing Research Needs.

We already think it is a pretty cool App, however we know it can get better.

The Distressed Property Australia website is fully functioning and all the data is current and correct.

At the time of writing this article here is a snapshot of the current listings.

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Benefits of DPA

  • Latest property listings which are no more than 10 days old
  • Recent property listings that are no more than 2 weeks old
  • Historical data which has all the listings that have been put on our database. This is great for research purposes and tracking suburbs which is what our experts do.
  • Property of the week/month- Every week and month a featured property will be displayed
  • Nearest Property Search- Manually search for the nearest property to you using GPS
  • Currently over 9,500 Distressed properties!!!
  • Access also the Distressed Property Australia Website
  • Free calculators 'gurus' charge big $$$$ for. These include- 'Amortisation Calculator', 'Debt to Equity Ratio Calculator', 'Return on Assets Calculator' plus many more!
  • Property Valuation Tool- This lets you for example with Queensland Valuation is our latest mapping and data application and is implemented inside the Google EarthTM application. As an interactive online tool, Queensland Valuation allows you to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery (including up-to-date satellite images) and other spatial data. The Queensland Valuation is part of the Queensland Government's open data strategy.
  • Future Webinar registration forms that are coming soon!
  • Crime stats which lets you type in any address that uses hot spotting to tell you the crime in your street,suburb and state! This is the perfect tool that will show you where not to buy!
This is being updated weekly!

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