Who is Sean Summerville

About Sean

As a property investor who experienced the rates of 17.5% in the late 80's to now I could parallel the decisions of change and the outcomes with my own life experiences.

Back in the late 80's, I was a young newly married man in his 20's who was buying his home with his wife. Both of us would work as many hours as we could to pay it off with those 17.5% interest rates.

10 years later after watching my friends invest in negatively geared property and having to also continue to work as many hours as possible to pay for the homes I knew there had to be some other way. Working harder was not appealing to me.

I sought an alternative view of investing. I started to look for truth in property and I broke free from the propaganda that was being shouted from the roof tops by the papers, television shows and of course the real estate industry.

What was the outcome of questioning 'conventional investing wisdom'?

My investment properties were making me money not costing me money.

A much more appealing outcome for me than what my friends with negatively geared properties were experiencing.

They had become slaves to houses, me on the other hand, my time was being spent on things that I loved doing.

I start to question conventional property investing and I developed some concepts that will get you looking at property in a totally different way.

My biggest learning curve is that you must be educated and learn from those who have done the deals, because when something goes south and the chances are it will at some point then that person has the 'history' to help you back to the shallow end!

Happy Investing


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