Do People Actually Take Action?

My answer is truthfully - not always, however we do get you to do your pushups yourself, we are there assisting you all the way with education, real life examples, the hottest deals when they hit the market today...

I would like to share a conversation I had with one of our Protege Members. During our coaching calls, mentoring and teaching days, I share my knowledge so that they can develop their own skills and it is a proud moment when they come to me having used those skills [ action taker ] The story goes like this.

Hi Sean, I got this email and I read it and went hmmm! This is one thing it said.

"Find out why the industry experts are predicting that SE QLD is set to peak within the next two years."

That doesn't sound right. I know for a fact from looking at the New monthly listings stats on the Distressed Property Australia website that in June 25th QLD was 28.5% of the market for distressed or Mortgagee in Possession properties of the total market for Australia, in and now November 21st it is 2.6% so now these properties are off the market..."

So what are they predicting Sean?"

They are saying the boom is happening in 2 years, the stats show you that it is happening now. If you decide to buy a property in two years time then you are too late...the boom is happening now... So now these properties are sold and off the market, the surrounding properties will go up in value.

My other thought is that this mob are possibly selling off the plan property. That is how they can sell a boom in a specific area, because you buying off the plan creates, that bubble boom whatever you want to call it. They don't have to use real data, they can do it based on projections of what is to come and if those projections don't come you can potentially lose 100 Thousand dollars.

At the moment you could say that SE QLD is in a mini boom.... right now and due to the fact that Sydney Property Investors are cashed up and coming up here with their money. They are picking up these distressed properties. They are coming to the Gold Coast to buy property. QLD is going to continue with steady growth but with that also comes 'the bubble' and then a bust.

If people are predicting a peak within 2 years by the time that peak happens the bust is right around the corner, it is too late you have missed the boat.

The boat is The Distressed Property Australia Database that lists out the properties where you can invest, save a distressed home owner.

This months Total - here is a snapshot of the graph 

and if you want to look it up yourself then you can do that here

QLD is at an all time low (comparing that stats from June to November) for distressed property, because it is selling now.. if you wait for the 2 year 'predicted' peak then you are too late sunshine..

And I will add buying off the plan is a high risk strategy because there is a lag factor of time, between when you sign the contract to buy off the plan and when the keys are in your hand, what is happening in qld at the moment. is a lot of these properties are actually dropping in value by 60-90 thousand dollars.

Another question was

  • How is employment effecting property prices in SE QLD

Is employment effecting property prices? You could make this question right, or you could make this question wrong, there are too many variables.

It is not something that is relevant to us and our investing strategies. It has been my experience that property prices are not 'really' having much affect at this time, if employment is having impact it is area specific which means its not just down to one particular area, the seasonal workers, the mine employees etc I can't understand why people are talking about that. 

It is the education and mastering the new skills that allow you to see through the BS - educate yourself enough to make the right decision, get yourself a trusted mentor who has the skills to help you out of a sticky situation.

What are your thoughts?

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