$4 Billion of superannuation

Are you going to lose your money out of your bank account without you even knowing?

The banks are there to make money.
How do banks make money?
Banks basically make money by lending money at rates higher than the cost of the money they lend. More specifically, banks collect interest on loans and interest payments from the debt securities they own, and pay interest on deposits, CDs, and short-term borrowings.
A few years ago there was the G20 summit in Brisbane… (2014)
Quite a few countries agreed and there is now a bail in clause.
This means the banks can reach into your accounts and take all of your money and feed it back to you for $50 a week like they did in Greece during that crisis.
The bail in clause means they’re allowed to take your money and savings. This has already happened in Europe, so we need to be warned.
So, what happens when the government needs money?
They look for solutions …
They’ve already accessed money from  bank accounts that haven’t been used for 3 years; then there’s “lost superannuation” which after 12 months gets paid to the government and of course, who can forget the foreign worker’s superannuation.
A case in point is The Queensland State Government has raided $4 billion from the public servants' Defined Benefits Superannuation scheme to reduce debt and invest in infrastructure. Unbelievable?
Told the employees '...you’re not due to retire yet so we’re going to deal with your money until you retire.'

What happens if you go to retire and there’s no money then? 

In this video a trader is saying the whole world is run by Goldman and Sachs. Which is a bank.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is an American multinational banking firm that engages in global investment banking, investment management, securities, and other financial services, primarily with institutional client

What this is...a 3 minute video of him (The professional Trader) going through the reality of what he sees on the market. He’s basically saying in 12 months people are going to see all of their money and savings disappear out of their account and there's nothing they can do about it. So people are investing in the US dollar etc. He goes through all that in the video.
The QLD government has already done this…
The QLD state can take super… The question of when they’ll be in a position to pay it back is a good one… Who really knows the answer? 
People need to know this.
How does this relate to property?
Don’t buy a $700,000 house that puts you in major debt to a bank.
Buy a little property that is a secure asset.
Look at distressed property and your cheap properties. 40, 60, 70 thousand dollars.

Below is a transcribe of the video.

"The markets will crash and fall pretty hard, because markets are ruled at the moment by fear. The big money and smart money, the big funds, hedge funds etc They don’t buy this rescue plan. They believe the market is toast. The stock market is finished. The euro they don’t care about. They’re moving their money into safer assets. Treasury bonds, 30 year bonds and the United States Dollar. Its not going to work.

Reporter... "What would keep investors happy?"

It’s a tough one…. Personally it doesn’t matter. I’m a trader, I don’t care about that. If there’s an opportunity to make money I’ll go with that. Traders don’t about whether this or that is going to fix the economy and the situation. Our job is to make money from it. I’ve been dreaming of this moment for 3 years. I’ve got a confession which is I go to bed every night hoping that there’s another recession. No one remembers the 30s depression. It wasn’t just about the market crash it was about people being ready to make money from that crash. Anybody can do that. It isn’t just for some people in the elite. Anybody can make money. It’s an opportunity. When something crashes for example the stocks or euro crashes and you know what to do. If you have the right plan set up. You can make a lot of money. Hedging strategies is always one. Treasury bonds that sort of stuff.

I will say this to everybody that’s watching this… This economic crisis is like a cancer. if you just wait and wait thinking it will go away it won’t it will grow and grow until it’s too late. Go and get prepared!  This is not a time right now sitting back thinking the governments are going to fix everything. The governments don’t rule the world. Goldman Sachs rules the world. They do not care about this rescue package and neither do the big funds.

I would tell people I want to help people. It’s not just for traders, anybody can do this. Anyone can make money from a downward market. The first thing people should do is protect their assets. My prediction is I believe in less than 12 months the savings of millions of people is going to vanish. And this is just the beginning. Be prepared and act now. The biggest risk people can take right now is not acting."

As I have mentioned in our weekly emails...

You must take action to secure your own future

No longer can we sit back and buy, hold, prey.

Happy Investing

Sean M Summerville


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