A Gross Rental Yield of 22%

Is this possible!
a 20K Property In Australia?

Really, YES...

CHECK THIS OUT if you don't think it is possible.
If an educated Property Investor thinks this is not possible then sorry!

You should not see the document down further on this page that shows it is possible...
This is the stuff people are travelling to the USA for and we are doing it right here in Australia.
But apparently it can’t be done!
Well they are right aren’t they…
You are right, either way! Your Choice To Change

So here is the proof

The Deal is done and the proof is in,
We couldn’t reveal it when it first came across the desk as it was under contract and not finalised,
It now is.

This can’t be done in Australia!

They still are saying.
Why travel to the USA to buy a bargain property? 
When they are right here, right now in good quality cities or towns.

You could buy this for your kids!

Get your children involved - they could learn how to buy a property, renovate and then have a property to sit on for years (and get cash flow coming in).
Get your kids involved to learn some amazing skills. 
This is possible.
It may be beyond your thoughts as being possible – believe me please – this IS POSSIBLE.
- read on - This is a real deal.
Get away to the country house that you bought for $20k that you then do up on the weekend and it may take you 6 months if you want to do it yourself.
Or get the tradies in to fix it up quicker for you.
This is insane!
The insider secrets will be shared at the 'Bootcamps'

Get your own piece of Australian Country

2BR + sleepout on 4,000sqm(1 Acre) which has an unimproved land value of $44,000
Founded in 1868 - Small rural town 960k from Brisbane (not far inland from Emerald- Rockhampton area)
You can live here or keep it as a weekend getaway holiday home or rent it out.
A 1 acre block of land, grow your own veges, have the chooks…
The bakers is walking distance up the road,
This is an acre block of land purchased for $20k!
After renovations it will value up at $100k and rent for $180/week.

The nay sayers are saying

"This is a scam"

"This can’t be done" 

"There can’t be any return on investment"

Well here it is.

Gross Rental Yield  = Annual Rental Income / by the value x 100

$400k house, rents for $350/week Rental Yield is 4.55%

Our $20k Property Return is

$180 x 52 =  $9360/ total cost of the house ($20k + stamps $229.00 + $20k reno = $42,229) = 22.16% ROI (legals included)
A Sydney city property gets you 2.5-4%

What return would you prefer

How was this deal done…
Ok read on, I will tell you!

There is a team leader - who has a 'TEAM'

They know what they are doing...

As they have invested in themselves,

They got a good mentor,

They took serious action!

I am sharing this with you as proof that what I teach and do works.
It is not ‘just me’ doing this…
This is the team,
The Protégé members who are now forming their own teams.
This is a Deal of The Century

– people still need to rent a home in a country town even if you don’t want to –

Remove Any Emotion!

This is about Infinite Cash on Cash Return

Check it out – this is the address – well the google maps link so you can see it for yourself.
Here is a copy of the official documentThe Deal That Can't Be Done!
(have blocked out names and some details for privacy)
You can go check this out yourself.
The Phone call we received from the Commissioner Assessment Office Prior to the deal being stamped were.

Are you sure there is a house on this block of land – YES!

Was it sold by a family member – NO!

Why – because our Professional Team are EXPERTS
They know how to negotiate with the owners of the property
This is what we do for a living, this is what the group does.
What about being included in on this deal – maybe you have the skill to do the renovations so you can contribute the sweat equity?
Just because a person drops a price – doesn’t mean you can’t still go in with a ridiculous offer as we know there is plenty of property deals like this still available now.
Again I say “You just need to know how, where, when, why” It is happening right now in Australia!
People say it can’t be done.
Well we did it (current at the time of writing this article 7 June 2015!)
Need proof! Well here it is.
The actual stampduty paid and the purchase price from the Queensland Government – commissioner of State Revenue

Find out the true needs of the owners

Once renovations are done it will rent for $180/week.
It does need 15-20k spent on it – this is not just good – this is the best.
This is a dream for many people to buy a property in Australia for $20k and then spend some time together fixing it up and having it as a weekend get away home.
You live in the big city, you love to get away to the Australian countryside, the visit some beautiful State Forests

Give me one logical reason as to why this deal doesn’t stack up?

The question is not why would you...

It is why wouldn’t you!

Otherwise your buying on emotion, a pretty object, a buy-hold-nprey.

The houses are selling for $120-$130k – we negotiated to $20k and the owners got what they wanted and are happy. You may be thinking ‘how’ well that is what we do.

It is above board, it is legal and meets all Australian (state relevant) legal needs.
This is solving property problems. What is wrong with that?
If you can help someone out of a world of pain and help them move on, why wouldn’t you?
If you can’t do this yet – then your opportunity is here!
The bootcamps give you the ‘how’
This information will go behind locked doors again for Protege Members Only!

If an investor thinks this is a bad deal

Or why would you,

Then they don’t understand investing,

They don’t understand how to make money,

They don’t understand return on investment. 

This is a proven strategy that creates income.

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