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Property Options with Sean Summerville - The No Cash Down Property King of Australia

"My abilities and skill set means that I Buy Property below value and if you are able to secure property for as little as a dollar, and you have secured it 20% below value, that means you can put it back on the market for the normal price."

The advantage on doing that is you only pay stamp duty on the option fee and that situation it is one dollar, $1, $2, $4, $10 $20 or $400,  you keep the amount fairly small, the amounts will come back to you when the property is sold.

By securing the property 20% below value, without having to buy, you don't have to pay tradtional stamp duty which can be $20K on a $400K house so you are saving yourself a lot of money there.

It can work in two ways.

a. Put back on the market for what its worth.

  • You might get a property for $400k you secure it for $330 and put it back on the marketing for $400k throught a Real Estate Agent.
  • The Agent will then sell the property and you will get the differecne between the $330-$400 thousand dollars.

One way is to get cash, a lump sum of $70 which is the difference between $330-400 so a $70 thousand wack of cash less agents fees.

b. Or you can loan that $70k to the new purchaser of the house and they can use that as their deposit.

  • You are not actually loaning them physical cash money.
  • What you are loaning them is the equity in the property (that 70 thousand dollars).
  • They then get a bank loan for the house and then they have a loan which is a loan to you. (This is a strategy taught to the Protege Members)

That is also a great way to generate income.

It is one strategy that 99% of Australian Investors don't know about!

To have the ability to secure property 20-30% below value and then either put the property back on the market and get your 30% upfront or put the property back on the market and what you do is loan the person the 30%.

Two great strategies to generate income,

Two great strategies if you want to use little to no money


You don't have any money and you havn't got a cash rich friend to do a JV with.

You need to learn these strategies.

Listen to the Bonus recording below, done just for you. I will reveal how doing a Property Option Deal 'is just simple', I describe exactly what happens. There is no variation

You get the property 30% below you put it back on the market, the skill in this is the ability to be able to get that property at 30% below value for little to no money THAT IS THE KEY.

Majority of people cannot do that because they haven't had the training or don't have the required skillset. During the Protege Meetings or coaching calls, we spend a lot of time training to be able to do things like these strategies.

It literally is something that takes time to be able to master the skills to do this.

A key point

The less money you put into the deal, the more time you have to work on yourself to be able to present the offer or do the deal.

The less money in, the more skills you need to have...

If you have cash for $400k house, you can go buy any house you want to. If you have no cash and have $10 in your pocket you have to negotiate the property from $400 down to $330, secure the property, and then you have the ability to onsell it again.

You cannot do that unless you have a good team.

You cannot do that unless you have the knowledge.

You have to work on yourself.

Property Options is THE KEY strategy used by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump use. It is the SECRET that is still little known or understood and I have been teaching students for over 7 years now.

I know the skill sets these guys have got, we have learnt from the same place... there is a commonality, and you need to find the genius behind the mechanics of the deal. The mechanics of the deal are very simple the hard part is being able to put it all together.

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