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It just takes the right knowledge, education and mental attitude

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How to Make a Fortune in Foreclosures
Buying Property 10 - 70%
Below the Market Average in Australia

There are 7 distinct areas that you will need to understand when dealing with Foreclosure Properties in Australia. 

I go into more detail at my content rich property bootcamps,

however I will be sharing these 7 Tips and more with you right now.

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7 Key Understandings

TIP 1) Pre-Foreclosed Properties. What are they?

TIP 2) Foreclosures. Where can I find them?

TIP 3) Using the Court System in Australia when researching these properties and what are the Pitfalls?

TIP 4) Using online Data Research Companies.

TIP 5) Only a limited supply Court Proceedings Properties exist in any one State at any one time.

TIP 6) Know your Exit Strategy and do you have one?

TIP 7) Helping Others

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We hope this provides you more understanding on Foreclosures and Distressed Properties.



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